Crowder Industries

3707 Howard Bush Drive

Neosho, MO 64850

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Crowder Industries assembles customer furnished parts. Customers supply a variety of components and Crowder supplies the labor to assemble the components. We support customer’s KanBan systems delivering replenished containers multiple times each day for our customer’s production cells. Crowder Industries produces in small flexible work cells. Also, some assemblies are built for our customers to ship out to other locations within their production 1” x 1” to 60” x 60” in any shape required.

Our Products & Services


Crowder Industries provides packaging services to our customer’s specifications. Normally our customer supplies the parts and the packaging material and Crowder Industries boxes and palletizes the finished product. For some products, Crowder Industries bags several small components to be packaged with the customer’s products. Weight verifications are used as needed to ensure accuracy.

Cardboard Boxes

Crowder Industries produces custom cardboard boxes for a variety of customers. We can make boxes ranging from 4”X 4” up to 70” depending on the width and height. Also, we can produce cardboard die cut inserts to protect the product inside the box. We are most competitive in the medium range order quantities that large suppliers don’t want be burdened with.

Die-Cut Paperboard

Crowder Industries produces die cut panelboard used in furniture production. Customers supply their part drawings and specifications. Crowder Industries purchases the raw material and die boards per the requirement. Part sizes range from 1” x 1” to 60” x 60” in any shape required.

Welded Assemblies

Crowder Industries produces welded assemblies. Customers supply a variety of components and Crowder supplies the labor, welder, and material to weld the components in an assembly.


Crowder Industries provides delivery support to customers within a reasonable radius of Neosho. Costs are dependent upon the customer’s delivery location.

Photo of Assembly work being done.

Photo of Packagine/Kitting work being done.

Photo of Box production.

Photo of Die-Cut production.

Photo of Weld production.

Photo of Warehouse.


Crowder Industries offers short and long term warehousing. Our pricing is competitive and the warehouse is accessible from 6:30am to 10:30pm during the week. Weekend access is supported on an “as needed” basis.

Photo of Delivery.

Crowder Industries Products & Productivity