Crowder Industries

3707 Howard Bush Drive

Neosho, MO 64850

(417) 451-5075

Crowder Industries is the non-for-profit sheltered workshop of Newton County.  Established in 1969, our mission is to provide meaningful work to the disabled members of our community. Crowder Industries has successfully met our mission for almost 50 years.  Over our history we have employed hundreds of disabled individuals.  Some of our disabled employees have worked at Crowder Industries for over 40 years.

The Crowder Industries workforce is integrated with non-disabled and disabled.  Our employees work side by side which enriches the work activity for both groups.  This integration allows Crowder Industries to perform a more complex level of work.  Many of our disabled employees are able to produce at the same rate as non-disabled employees.  The integration of our work force is a key to our success.

Our community is another key to our success.  Being a non-for-profit, we are actually owned by the community we serve.  Over the years we have established long term relationships with community businesses.

Now and in the past, our Board of Directors is made up of County and City leaders, local business owners, and employees of

Currently, Crowder Industries provides labor for assemblies, produces cardboard boxes and paperboard products, and provides packaging and parts kitting per customer requirements. We are continually looking new opportunities to provide work for our disabled employees.

Photo: Workshop employees prepare product for a lo

About Crowder Industries

corporations located in our community.

In 2013 voters of Newton County approved a property tax levy to provide funding for Crowder Industries.

Crowder Industries shall always evolve to provide support for our local businesses.

About Crowder Industries, Inc.